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Carolyn Rubin

Carolyn Executive Director and Mentor wi

Awards Received

Top Healthcare Executive of the Decade 

Top Healthcare Executive of the Year

Empowered Woman Award 

Woman of the Year

Female Visionary of the Year

Top 50 Fearless Leaders

Carolyn M Rubin focuses on empowering others through mentoring, training, speaking, leadership development and being a founding member of the Maxwell Leadership Corporate Facilitator for Servant Leadership and Inclusive Leadership training.


Carolyn is a Senior Level Executive Contributor with Brainz Magazine, Influencer and Mentor of International Association of Women (IAW), Amazon International Best-Selling Author of Amazon International Best-Selling Book, You Can Overcome Anything! Vol 8 With Integrity by Cesar R Espino, published in the Amazon Best Selling Book Top 50 Fearless Leaders by Stephanie Cirami, Published in Hero’s, Leaders and Legends with the late Pat Sampson, Published in Top 101 Industry Experts’ Insights & Ideas to Inspire You with an Executive Spotlight Healthcare Finance and was recently selected as Woman of the Year for 2023 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).                              


While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor, only one female professional is selected as Woman of the Year. The Woman of the Year Award signifies IAOTP's most outstanding female member who has gone above and beyond excellence in her field, demonstrated success professionally and personally, and has been a leader in her community. Carolyn has impacted people's lives worldwide, and IAOTP is thrilled to present this award to Carolyn. 


In December, Carolyn was announced as Woman of the Year 2023 at IAOTP's Awards Gala at the spectacular Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also received recognition on stage this year as the Female Visionary of the Year 2023 and was showcased on the Planet Hollywood billboard in honor of these awards. She was showcased on the famous Nasdaq billboard in NY in January.                      

Carolyn Rubin has been named Woman of the Year for her positive impact throughout her professional career. Carolyn is a servant leader, customer-focused and concerned about the well-being of others. She approaches life from this vantage point and her passion for healthcare, speaking, mentoring, and training has distinguished her among others. She has been sought out nationally to share her knowledge and expertise, mentor leaders, provide transformational leadership and strategic growth initiatives.


Carolyn has been in the healthcare field for more than 30 years with a focus on patient access to care and reducing the operational burden on clinicians. She has a motto she lives by; ‘Every day you go to work, you walk through the doors with the eyes of a patient, if you do this, you will always be successful.’ It is important that you listen not only with your ears but with your eyes to completely understand what someone is saying. Carolyn’s passion for healthcare took her to educating others in the Medical Assisting programs of Omaha College of Health Careers and Iowa Western Community College. She was the first instructor for Alegent Health School of Medical Assisting and had her own Coding Certification Course at Iowa Western Community College before moving to Texas. Carolyn continued to support physicians, clinical and operational teams through training, speaking and onsite visits. She provided guidance to allow physicians and clinical teams to focus on patients while the operational team provided the financial support and guidance the patients were looking for. Carolyn has contributed to medical assisting training materials, authored an instructor’s guide on reimbursement, trained and proctored exams for approximately 2,500 coding certifications. Carolyn continues to work in healthcare with a focus on growth and transformation.


Carolyn is a servant leader who employs transformational leadership principles when working with organizations, teams, and individuals. She helps them identify needed change, create a vision, then inspires and guides them through the change process. She helps to induce a positive attitude and autonomy for them to make the change with the desired results through motivation and consideration. Carolyn believes in motivating, empowering, and encouraging others to achieve success.


Carolyn is Certified Speaker, Mentor and Coach with Maxwell Leadership, a Certified Maxwell Disc Trainer and Consultant, Team Ambassador and founding member of Maxwell Leadership Corporate Facilitator Program where she leverages leadership content, tools, and resources to help turn leaders into transformation leaders with influence and impact and helps them ASCEND to the top to become a Servant Leader. Her business, Empower Your Value, provides one-on-one mentoring, mastermind classes for growth, communication, and leadership and provides consulting services for strategic growth initiatives, leadership development, and training.


Carolyn has received awards and accolades and has been recognized globally for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession throughout her remarkable career. In 2022 Carolyn received IAOTP's Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the prestigious IAOTP Hall of Fame. In 2021, Carolyn was inducted into Marquis Who’s Who Top Professionals in the Field of Healthcare and featured in Marquis Who’s Who Millennium Magazine. In 2020, Carolyn was showcased on the famous Reuters building in Times Square, New York, for being named Empowered Woman of the Year. She has also graced the front cover of T.I.P. Magazine and been named Top Healthcare Executive of the Decade. She was also featured in Marquis Who’s Who Women of Influence and Marquis Who’s Who of Professional Women. IAOTP named her Top Healthcare Executive of the Year in 2019, and she was featured in T.I.P. (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine. Carolyn has appeared on Breaking It Down with Frank Mackay, Top 101 Industry Experts, and CUTV News Radio. In 2016, she was featured in Women of Distinction Magazine and Talk Nation Magazine. In 2013, she was named the National Association of Professional Women's V.I.P. Woman of the Year and became an IWLA Delegate. In 2009, she received the U.S. Oncology Customer Service Award.


Carolyn credits her success to her perseverance, mentors, and remaining passionate in all her endeavors. She hopes that her coaching and message of Empower Your Value - Keep Your Strength - Live Your Dream will continue to make a difference in people's lives. Carolyn supports the arts, USO, Texas Food Bank, No Kid Hungry, Network of Community Ministries, Richardson TX, and the Susan Komen Foundation. She enjoys traveling, dancing, running, the arts, and spending time with her family. She and Ron have five wonderful children, eleven grandchildren and one great granddaughter.



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