"Very responsive and congenial."

-Jeffrey Borer

"Its outstanding and will refer to my fellow friends."

-Desi Tahiraj


"It is an honor to be a part of this incredible organization that brings together the best of all professionals together."

-Jan Pack


-Lincoln Greenidge

"When I asked questions, they gave me answers. When I asked to talk with people, I was connected to members. When I made suggestions, they listened. I am excited to be part of this organization and honored to be named the Top LPGA Teaching Professional of the Year 2019."

-Martha Sue Yeary

"Leah's guidance was excellent. She was thorough, excited about the program and full of suggestions. Extremely helpful in the overall process.I will be recommending Leah to my associates. Thank you."

-Christine Raffa

"Very easy to work with, responsive, and enthusiastic about the important work they are doing on behalf of professionals in a variety of discipline areas, and for all of those served and who will continue to be served by those professionals."

-Kim Rehak

"So far, this is an excellent venue. The people are great and I am proud to be apart of the 2019 top professions!"

-Alice Berkowitz

"Quality Group of People"

-Alan Menter M.D

"They are an amazing organization with a fabulous group of people that stand behind them."


-Jeanine Principe Puleo-


Joy Kong gave you 10 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Joy Kong said:

"Such nice people, bringing more good to the world! Highly professional and efficient! Look forward to being part of the organization."

"The price is very fair considering what members receive. Stephanie Cirami is very pleasant and welcoming. Belonging to IAOTP makes members feel proud of their hard work and contributions to society!"  -CAROLYN ROYER SPENCER

  "IAOTP works very diligently to seek out and lavish praise on professionals for exemplary work in their areas." 


"Attention to detail. Good follow-up." 


"Professional and exceptional organization that provides endless apportunities and great networking to its membership" 


Hi Stephanie, I camped out at Times Square from 7-9 am and was thrilled when the photo appeared  four times when I was there and wanted to forward it to you. Thank you for doing a wonderful and professional job on this. You are the best and I was proud to be up there on behalf of IAOTP.

Take care and thanks again,


 Stephanie, you have done a fantastic job! You totally deserve it. Thank you for making a difference in my life.


It was an amazing evening! First class event Stephanie, Kirsten and her wonderful team!

-Julie Hall

10 out of 10 
"I am anxious to meet the president and the other staff in the near future. They were…"

- Regina Davis 

10 out of 10
"So wonderful to work with."

 - Paula Vail 

10 out of 10 
"IAOTP is a respected and acclaimed company. They have been so caring and professional…"

- Scott Cooper 

"The representatives have been cordial, appeared to candidly answered all of my and my wife's question and have been totally candid about the organization and referred to material on the Internet about the organization and its interests. Burnett"

-Arthur Burnett

Thank you for hosting a wonderful event yesterday. The Library is truly a piece of art. I was able to observe the orchestra practice and they are amazing. 


Thank you for a memorable experience and one I will cherish always!


It was great to see you again! As always,  you are the perfect host and we are fortunate to have you as our IAOTP president! 


Have a wonderful weekend 


Warmest regards,


Head of WCM Mexico operations


I cannot tell you how good this award has been for me and my business it is growing rapidly since it announced

Thank you 



Yours sincerely 

-Deb Fribbins  IAOTP 2017

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work you and your team has done for me.  I truly appreciate it. 

I liked my debut in your newsletter.  Thank you for letting me know. You and your team do outstanding work!


With much appreciation,

-May-Leng Yau-Patterson

"The extreme care and concern expressed together with the prompt reply to all correspondence. IAOTP makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when doing business."

-Gerald Peters

"I am honored! It has been such a pleasure speaking with Giana Lynn Davis and with Janet Taylor. Thank you so much. Looking forward to working with you."

-Patricia Daly-Lipe

IATOP is a great work place, wonderful boss, staff and work. Now I see why you accomplish so much.

-Dr. Marium Murad

Jaclyn Zepernick gave you 10 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Jaclyn Zepernick said:

"So appreciative!!!"    

Claire Power Murphy gave you 10 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Claire Power Murphy said:

"Value granted to support the customer and their needs!"

Sherwin Brook gave you 10 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Sherwin Brook said:

"looks good"

I can’t thank you enough for this prestigious honor, simply amazing!  I truly look forward to working with Janet, we had a great conversation this morning.

Thank you again!


-Beth Gardner

Thank you for going the EXTRA MILE, Good People!  Also, my eldest daughter, Alexis, like my wife, Kathy, today sent me an e-mail exclaiming, "I think that this is your best video, ever!"  So, you should all be deservedly proud of your work at IAOTP!  CONGRATULATIONS!

-Dr. Dale Pierre Layman

“I’m extremely honored to win this award and be named the top real estate investor for 2016,But I can only accept this on behalf of the other members, mentors, and partners at the Broward Real Estate Investors Association because it’s truly a team effort. Thank you again to the IAOTP and I look forward to working to empower even more real estate investors the rest of this year and into 2017!”

-Anish Dave, Owner & Mentor Broward Real Estate Investors Association

Carolyn Purvis gave you 10 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Carolyn Purvis said:

"No pressure tactics and helpful people."

-Carolyn purvis - Paris, TN

"I am really impressed with this organization.  My business thrives on networking so I have been apart of many other branding and networking groups and no one compares to IAOTP!"

-Danielle Gillis, Vice President of Events and Tradeshows Northstar Travel Media-NYC, NY

"For years I needed help on my website.  It needed to be updated and I needed to advertise on the Long Island, NY area and had no clue how to even begin.  IAOTP was there every step of the way to help brand and advertise my small business and I am grateful to have them in my corner."

-Christina Lear-Owner,Founder Once Upon A Button, Long Island, NY

"IAOTP has helped build my brand and give me insight to how to market my very unique products and services.  They have helped me get great international exposure as well as great recognition in Belgium."  I cannot wait to see my video they are putting together.

-Guido De Rijck, Owner & Founder of G-U-I-D-O surfaces international -Belgium

Terrie Lea Fatony gave you 10 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Terrie Lea Fatony said:

"They were my first award, they've always came to my mind talking about awards, of how they found me. Which was from the Lord, because that's where my journey begin getting more awards. Even though I'm not taking advantage of what I can do on my web-site, I know in God's time I have one of the best web sites."

Mark Towson gave you 8 out of 10

when asked how likely they were to refer your work.

Mark Towson said:

"Direct professional approach"



"After 20 years being in the finance industry I knew I had to make a career change.  For years I played with the idea of having my own business and was always scared that I wouldn't succeed, especially because I knew nothing of the Internet and how to advertise my business and how to market myself. Robert helped me change my life and by making my dream come true by starting my own business while I struggled to get my website up and running, he did everything by setting my website up, marketing it to my demographic area and helping me up keep it in ways I didn't even know I had to. 

-Veronique Valentin CEO, Itemzize Paris, France-



IAOTP introduced me to the VP of Merril Lynch to help me obtain my new position. 

-Mark Jones-NYC, NY

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